Laughter, pain, humor, and hurt. Comedy and tragedy are things that Micah knows all too well. At the tender age of four, it was apparent that he was destined to be an entertainer. The son of a preacher and the youngest of three, Micah began singing in the church choir. At the age of nine, he began his journey to becoming a comedian as a way to deal with life and his surroundings.

From grade school to his ten years of service in the United States Army, Micah has touched the hearts and minds of those around him with his infectious form of comedy. His observations and gift of storytelling will draw you into his world.


He is well on his way to becoming a great comedian, but he is far from a one-trick pony. From singing to poetry, and from comedy to acting, Micah puts all that he has into everything he does—not for fame or fortune but because he believes that everyone needs to laugh, and he has no problem stepping up as the one to deliver.

But is he truly funny? The honest answer would have to be no—Micah is hilarious! There are so many things that contribute to his style and brand of comedy: his ability to be not only transparent but also brutally honest, make others laugh at his successes as well as his failures, speak in parables, and paint vivid pictures with words.

Micah was born in 1981, in his mother’s hometown, Junction City, Kansas. His father is from Chester, Pennsylvania, and that is the place that Micah calls home. After graduating from high school, Micah left home due to his feelings of inadequacy, only to end up being homeless.

He then signed up to join the Army and served from 2000 to 2009. By reason of his many deployments, the loss of his daughter, coupled with the loss of friends and people around him, Micah began to unconsciously escape into the security of comedy.

In Washington, D.C., Micah performed for the first time at a military officers’ club, where he won different prizes and attention. Comedy was such an obvious gift and talent, but due to his humility, he couldn’t see it. In 2007, Micah had a son and would soon be confronted with his purpose in life: stand-up comedy.

He attended his uncle’s 70th birthday party in Kansas City, Missouri, and performed yet again, which caused him to further embrace the gift of comedy. Upon his return to Killeen, Texas, to cultivate his comedy dexterity, Micah began driving to Austin to perform at local open mic nights and attend many workshops, but it was apparent that experience would be his greatest teacher.

In 2018, Micah relocated to Austin, Texas!

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